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a running dog of ultraliberalism

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London Riots
This is a bit of a deviation from my usual anti-nationalist rants, but what this is about is leftie dogma and how it's caused a royal mess in the heart of Britain's capital and elsewhere. The riots themselves are banally simple - yobs suddenly realised they can nick free stuff because the police is stretched, so they swarmed. Good on them. If I were in their place I'd be be tempted to do exactly the same thing. 

The shop etc. owners crying crocodile tears over their wrecked livelihoods are annoying. This is England; have they not heard of contents insurance? If they haven't... why not? If you have a shop, a fire/arson attack is a reasonable risk you have to take into consideration. What's the use in whingeing now? Do you just want the government to reimburse you, so you don't have to take out insurance claims? Is that actually how it works? I don't know.

What I do know is that there is an alarming amount of morons on the internet who have the balls to insinuate that these riots are somehow caused by things like poverty. In other news, millions are at risk of starvation in Somalia, the Libyan capital is experiencing blackouts, food price hikes and severe fuel shortages, and refugees from Ivory Coast are still living in tents on foreign soil in their thousands after fleeing the civil war in their homeland. But no. Obviously these examples of striking mass deprivation pale in comparison to some library being shut down by the local council, or a youth centre closed. The youth in England have everything they need - food, water, even free damn housing and unemployment benefits (where they get paid for not working) and a minimum wage so that if they decide to get off their fat asses and get a job, they won't get exploited into wage slavery - yet still, apparently, that isn't enough. People want more.

Greedy bastards. 

I've been talking to a fair amount of people about this over the Internet, and their arguments were usually on the lines of "dickhead Tory, you do not know anything about poverty". When I point out to them that these 'disposessed' have nice expensive BlackBerries, their crowning argument is 'probably stolen anyway'. They claim to know hard working people who are living in poverty here in England and can't afford things that, apparently, I can, and when I ask them what exactly that is, they go silent. Now could it be that, rather than social deprivation and service cuts being the cause of this, the root cause may well be the fact that the people rioting are scumbags who grew up on free money, never had to work in their life for anything, and as such they will never have any sense of pride or belonging in their community because - well, why? Why work when you can get a laptop for free and continue to live off some taxpayer lorry driver with maybe 4 hungry mouths to feed? Who cares?

So to paraphrase the cause-seekers, you build a system where you have people be lazy and get paid for it, where money and housing magically appears all by itself, a system where you can get arrested, charged and tried if you're very unlucky, and then walk because jails are full anyway. Where you are bored shitless because all you ever do is either fight with other such plebs as yourself, beat up passerbys, or run away from the police (thank God for video games, that's another possible passtime). It's summer, so you're not in school. Suddenly, you get texts that the police are stretched to the limit and you can rob all you like if you gather in a big enough group. You get organised, and you help yourself to free stuff. And to be completely honest with you, my dear readers, in their situations I would probably be doing exactly the same thing. 

The solution? Well, many people on the Internet are calling for them to be deported. Problem is, no country'll accept them, and it is immoral to ship them off to Somalia somewhere - locals do not deserve that. I propose we have them build a prison, as part of community service, which they can then live in. And if that fills up, we'll just have them build a bigger prison. Maybe on a boat somewhere, or on an island. Or maybe in Scotland. And then people can come visit this prison, like in a zoo, and see what goes on there and show their children. Wouldn't that be wonderful?