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a running dog of ultraliberalism

English into English
There is apparently a need to, as Paul says, convert from English into English sometimes. If two people are speaking the same language, it does not at all guarantee that they can hear each other. What always fascinates me is reading Arabs and Jews 'debate' on Internet forums. Finally, a place for democratic, civilised debate where people of different opinions can build bridges, forge understandings and overcome historical stereotypes to create consensus and real solutions to old problems. 

 - 'You killed our children!'
 - 'Well you helped in the Holocaust!'
 - 'We were here first!'
 - 'No, we were here first, this is our land, and it was given to us by God anyway!'

Wonder if any of them actually come to any sort of agreement in the end? Stories like that are endless. These are not debates, these are people talking at each other using different narratives - both usually wrong - that they heard from somebody else, pawns in someone's ideological war. Useful idiots. You see a video on YouTube of some Arab-Israeli war that happened 40 years ago and below it a real flame war still going on. It just never gets tiring somehow. 

Being from the Third World must really suck, psychologically. At least if you're from Russia or China you're aware that your country has nukes and can defend itself against American attack. Third World countries have a long proud history of other people either bombing them, or them bombing each other using Western or Soviet/Chinese weapons. Since they can't build their own stuff as they don't have the engineering, they become basically slaves to other powers' whims. No matter how much, say, some Arabs protest against Israel or say it's unjust what's happening to the Palestinians, pretty much all of that is hot air. Nobody is going to evict Israel from there by force and, with Israel routinely ignoring the UN, there is literally nothing anyone will do. BDS is nice and all, but it doesn't make the weather in the real world. As soon as someone tries to make a different to the status quo using physics and engineering - like Iran - they are immediately surrounded and neutralised. 

No wonder Gaddafi and his son were so nice to the British media, allowing journalists of a hostile country comfortable stay and giving interviews. There was literally nothing they could do to stop the NATO war machine except try and say 'please stop bombing us, please stop bombing us.' There seems to be a fundamental disconnect between the 'military' and 'civilian' ways of thinking. The self-proclaimed rights activist states that countries who participate in intervention are breaking international law and morality, and genuinely believes that if enough people agree with him, something will automatically happen through 'people power'. The military reality is that freedom doesn't work like that. It is decided with automatic weapons. Physical destructive power is the lowest common denominator of any human exchange. People power sounds cool, but tanks and warplanes actually decide the matter. One of the benefits of the Arab Spring is that now, news outlets are talking like this (how tanks and planes are superior to light arms), so the penny is dropping. Slowly. 

What's funny is that resistance is not only futile, it is completely unnecessary. A Western-style liberal democracy accommodates people regardless of gender, race or even creed. It's also a much nicer place to live in, just less intimidating and with more iPhones. Among other things. But misplaced national pride, identify politics and an inability to handle dogma instilled at youth by an unhealthy society looking for scapegoats make that conversion very difficult. Sometimes people fall into the other extreme and excuse everything the West does. These people ruin it for everybody by defeating the whole point, and provide ammunition to the reactionaries. 

Fundamentally, though, that's all it is. It runs through Irish nationalists and Ulster loyalists, disgruntled Christian fundamentalists and Islamic radicals. Mismanaged, misplaced pride and a deep feeling of fundamental inferiority manifest in aggression. Emotions with no rational backing. This is what claims the lives of thousands in Syria, Burma and elsewhere, every single day. Important to understand this. You're not fighting for your creed's children. You don't even know them. They are too young to be tainted with your corruption. 
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